Surveying the Land

cartoon of Surveying the Land headline

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  • I like this cartoon because it depicts the stereotype of a secret service man. They probaly do stop people that have unusual things at any type of rally. I like the bird asking if this is a no fly zone. This is a cool cartoon. I like the fact that it is in color.

  • I loved how the men thought the tool was a gun. Also, the random bird talking just added to how funny it was. Nice job.

  • Given the Arizona shooting, maybe this cartoon is a bit too soon for jokes regarding shootings. Although commenting on the hyper-sensitivity may be the entire point to this cartoon?

  • This is funny because the bird asks about the no fly zone. It wiould be funnier if the White House were in the background.

  • This is thought provoking on the measures the goverment has gone in the name of national security.

  • This is funny because when people don't know something, they assume it is bad or wrong, like the survey tool.

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