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So the new design is out, what do you think? Please let me know any suggestions or problems you may have.

I like the new layout a ton, it seems to follow the flow of a more modern feel. I would, however, like to see the "featured cartoon" appear a little bigger (not much, just enough to read the lettering on most cartoons comfortably). Overall, though, the site is looking good. The coloration seems nice and modern while sitting itself apart from other media and social networking sites. I find this very appropriate as it is its own sort of creature. I am looking forward to see what this site will do in the future and am eager to start working again!:-D!

I have come across two "things." I do not want to call them problems because they are not problematic to me, only "things" to mention. They both deal with the "What is headline fun?" portion viewable on the right-hand side of this page. The first is when the first sentence is describing the site it stats this site is "based on current events and contemporary life to in order to create funny and relevant cartoons." I would suggest it say: "based on current events and contemporary life in order to create funny and relevant cartoons." The second is in the very next line. The line reads: "Click here to see an example of the type of collaboration and development that takes place." Yet, no matter where I click in this paragraph (or even the title) I have found no hyperlink. I should also mention that I am using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 (32-bit) (seeing as how this may be the problem -- though I have tested it in Internet Explorer (64-bit) as well with the same result). Other than those (very minor) "things," the site is looking seems to be running well!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I shortened and fixed the "What is Headline Fun" intro text so it should make more sense now.

The "featured cartoon" you refer to is the one on the home page I think. Currently the cartoon gets resized in 2 other sizes, 150 and 250 pixels when uploading, so that would have to be changed for all cartoons. The title does get displayed next to the cartoon on the home page so hopefully that makes it more understandable in cases when it's not readable. I'll definitely consider increasing the size of the middle size to 280 pixels though, thanks for pointing that out.

I've also fixed a few other things, including displaying the twitter handle and user badges (artist/writer and editor) on profile pages.

The main thing left to do is the actual uploading page, which I'll get to this week. One thing you may have noticed is that the featured cartoon on the homepage is rotated every hour if a current one doesn't exist. If a new one gets licensed it will still display all day on the home page.

Some fixes have been made and it should be possible to upload cartoons now. Another problem was artist explanations that accompanied cartoons weren't being displayed, but it should be working now. If there are other problems I can fix them as they get reported. Thanks.

Excellent! Are there any particular areas or subjects you would like to see especially covered?

Hmm, well what's been in the news lately? What's going on where you live? I guess something that speaks to you personally would work best as I think that would end up being more powerful and hence funnier than something contrived.

I'll think about it more on my end as well. Please limit uploading to one per day in order to spread it out. Thanks.

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