Mass Media Hysteria

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We have a news anchor throughout the ages, reporting on bad things happening. For example, panel one is a WWII film before a movie and they're talking about air raids. Not panicked though.

Panel two is anchor talking about the aids crisis in the 80's. Also not too panicked.

The third panel has our modern day news anchor in a complete panic reporting on something stupid like starlight causing cancer or wearing flip flops leads to an early grave.

The point is that media is ridiculous nowadays and fear-mongers.

What do you all think?

I think it is great! This just happened! I am in Tennessee currently, but I am from Virginia and still have family and friends on the East Coast. CNN was so intense on covering the earthquake (5.8) that happened there that when people at work found out I knew people there. They would say "Oh wow! Were they effected by the earthquake?!" I would say "Yes," in as somber a tone as I could muster, "I think a picture frame moved off center." And, very literally, that is basically all that happened (even at the epicenter). Ha! Good job, Jeis!:-D!

Haha XD I live in PA so everyone on my facebook was freaking out about the tiny little earthquake that hit. I love the picture on the internet of the one lawn chair fallen over with the "never forget" quote. it sums up the event perfectly XD

Then right after that, we had the hurricane that turned out to be nothing. Before it hit, the news was running animated what-if footage of the Statue of Liberty toppling into the sea.

So if I were to make this one, would it go up onto the site or does Adam not approve things anymore? I mean, I'll make it regardless but it would be cool if it could be showcased here.

Ha! That is hilarious! I saw the lawn chair picture and thought it was amazing. And the animation for the statue of liberty sounds so intense. Ha!

I think the site showcases it automatically the day that you upload it, but I am not sure. I have been thinking of finishing the other sketch I uploaded earlier. I figure (if you would like), we could try it and see what happens!:-P!:-D!

The lawn chair picture was indeed funny.

I'm still here checking in every now and then. The way the front page works now is it displays a random cartoon every hour I believe.

Although I think the site looks nice, the lack of participation and viewership doesn't bode well overall. Maybe I should change it so that every month an "editor's choice" cartoon is selected, and a random cartoon is selected that's been posted that month with a $50 payment for each, with the restriction that at least 10 artists must have posted something that month. Any other cartoons that have been uploaded can be removed anytime by the artist and the artist will always maintain complete copyright and control.

Hmm, so you say if 10 artists post in the month then we have two chances to win $50? That could be interesting.

I dunno if you or Chad would be up for this, but maybe the two of us (Chad and I) could try to help bring the site back up to par by posting more cartoons. I might be able to get Eric involved too. Like you could maybe pay us to split the efforts in updating a lot, and we could try to affiliate with other webcomics to gain popularity. If we get affiliated with the right ones, the views can potentially become a lot greater and maybe we could get more users. Let me know what you think.

I was thinking that the winner of the editor's choice cartoon wouldn't be eligible for the random drawing so 2 people would get something, but I'm open to what the artists want.

The goal is to get more artists participating and having fun as a community, not post something and remove it the next month, because then it won't really become a community I believe. Hopefully the site design and community will make artists want to stick around long-term, but that remains to be seen. I'm willing to respond to artist requests in terms of problems and requests etc to make sure this is a great place to share cartoons, so let's see what can happen!

I'd be willing to pay something for being an ambassador/moderator to promote the site and help liven things up a bit, send me an email so we can discuss further.

Email has been sent.

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